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  Belle Boyd 1843-1900

 Rose O'Neal Greenhow


  History of the Order of Confederate Rose.....

The idea of the Order of the Confederate Rose came to Jane Latture of Birmingham, Al., after a Robert E. Lee birthday dinner in January 1993, when the speaker, Charles Lunsford, told Mrs. Latture of an Order of Robert E. Lee that had been reactivated in Georgia.

Knowing that other ladies felt the need to help combat the growing attacks on their Confederate heritage, Mrs. Latture proposed the idea of creating their own order.  The first name to occur to Mrs. Latture was the Order of the Confederate Rose, based upon a movie "The Rose and the Jackal" about Rose O'Neal Greenhow, a 49 year old widow, mother of four and a Confederate Spy.

On May 1, 1993, eleven wives and daughters of Alabama Division SCV members met in Alabama City, Alabama during the SCV State convention and organized the order.  The ladies amended and approved the name Order of the Confederate Rose, and everyone agreed it was perfect.

The using ideas from the Georgia order, they mapped out the purposes and the structure of the organization.  Great interest in the order was expressed by other states at the 1993 SCV National Convention in Lexington, Kentucky.  The Order is now a national organization.

As a result, several State Societies were create and grew into chapters and memberships.  Since then, the Society has grown and some chapters have come and gone.

The next steps in its history are up to you and its members.  Support, ideas and talents will determine the direction of its future.


Belle Boyd
One of the most famous of the Confederate spies, Belle Boyd served the Confederate forces in the Shenandoah Valley

One of the most famous of Confederate spies, Belle Boyd served the Confederate forces in the Shenandoah Valley. Born in Martinsburg-now part of West Virginia-she operated her spying operations from her fathers hotel in Front Royal, providing valuable information to Generals Turner Ashby and "Stonewall" Jackson during the spring 1862 campaign in the Valley. The latter general then made her a captain and honorary aide-de-camp on his staff. As such she was able to witness troops reviews. Betrayed by her lover, she was arrested on July 29, 1862, and held for a month in the Old Capitol Prison in Washington. Exchanged a month later, she was in exile with relatives for a time but was again arrested in June 1863 while on a visit to Martinsburg. On December 1, 1863, she was released, suffering from typhoid, and was then sent to Europe to regain her health. The blockade runner she attempted to return on was captured and she fell in love with the prize master, Samuel Hardinge, who later married her in England after being dropped from the navy's rolls for neglect of duty in allowing her to proceed to Canada and then England. Hardinge attempted to reach Richmond, was detained in Union hands, but died soon after his release. While in England Belle Boyd Hardinge had a stage career and published Belle Boyd in Camp and Prison. She died while touring the western United States. (Sigaud, Louis, A., Belle Boyd, Confederate Spy, and Scarborough, Ruth, Belle Boyd.- Siren of the South)  
Membership Information.....

If you have a passion for all things Southern and Confederate then the OCR is right for you.  There are no genealogical requirements in order to join the OCR. The OCR is open to any person recommended by a current OCR member.  OCR members are encouraged to actively contribute their support, ideas and talents to preserve and protect our heritage and symbols.

For a very rewarding experience become an OCR Member today.  The OCR is not meant to compete with any other organization.  In fact, many OCR members also belong to the UDC and other affiliated organizations.




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