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The Beacon News * July 31, 2004

Civil War epic: Historic courthouse will become setting for movie trial
By Matt Hanley

YORKVILLE Will Kendall County be able to handle Honest Abe?Sources have told The Beacon News that the tall, lanky president who starred in such American-history hits as "The Civil War" and "The Election of 1860" will be coming to the rural county this October.Apparently, independent film director Rebecca Sutera will be glamming up the already A-list Historic Kendall County Courthouse on Ridge Street here for her directorial debut, Prairie Rose.Our tipster said that the script includes the heroine dreaming she meets Lincoln while on a journey to rescue her
husband from a Union POW camp. The courthouse will be standing in as a White House stunt double in this Civil War drama.
"It was a very turbulent time when the country was in disagreement," Sutera told this reporter, "and kind of a romantic time when you think of Gone With The Wind."Sorry readers, don't expect a Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara invasion. Sutera calls the feature-length movie "very, very low budget," and word is that all the actors are fellow Civil War enthusiasts who are donating their time."We're not like Warner Brothers coming in here," the director told The Beacon News.While exact dates are still being worked out, Sutera expects the courthouse filming to last one day.And with Henry Fonda (who played the rail splitting president in 1939's Young Abe Lincoln) already dead, Max Daniels has been tabbed to portray the 16th president. A little bird who will be directing the film told this reporter that Daniels is considered the top Lincoln impersonator in Northern Illinois.Sutera, a Bartlett resident, frequently participates in Civil War re-enactments but shoots wedding videos for a living. She heard about the courthouse from Bristol farmer Tom Fletcher, who is lending his land for some other scenes.After giving the courthouse an extreme makeover in 2001, Kendall officials are thrilled that a little bit of Hollywood's magic dust will be floating through their county."People can tell when a film has heart," said County Board member Kay Hatcher. "I think this film about Lincoln will have heart. I'm just delighted."

For more information on the movie, go to www.prairiestarproductions.com.
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