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Reenactor Script, Casting & Information for 2017
Occupied France Trolley Adventure, June 10

Contact: Rebecca Tulloch, Event Coordinator
Email: film_spirit@prariestarproductions.com


The Dolle Dinsdag Express is an ambitious attempt to involve the public in an experience rather than just a passive observer. This program is designed to immerse the public into the world of WW2 and an opportunity for Reenactors to show off their 1st person talents and skills in a scripted story like environment.  Letís try to have fun with the public and treat them to something really special. Always try to stay in character as much as possible and use good judgment, particularly when it comes to safety.  Over all safety of all our passengers and our participants is most important though out this program.

If interested in a particular role please email Rebecca Tulloch to volunteer.  Appropriate roles will be handed out on a first come basis.            

2019 RTV Dolle Dinsdag Express SCRIPT

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