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APRIL 28 - 29, 2018
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Event Reenactment Staff:
-Event Co-Directors:
Bob Hodill, 3rd Gebirgsjaeger Division
Rebecca Tulloch, US 10th Mtn/Rockford Peaches
-Encampment and Vendors: Phil Lauricella, US 10th Mtn
-Safety & Security: Jeff Lecouis, 28 Jager Division Reg. 83
-Allied Battle Coordinator: Kyle Burson, US 10th Mtn
-Axis Battle Coordinator:
Jeff Lecouis, 28 Jager Division Reg. 83


We are proud to invite you to our 8th annual Rails to Victory (RTV) WW2 reenactment at the Fox River Trolley Museum in South Elgin, Illinois, just West of Chicago.  RTV is a Western Front European Theater event which will once again be presenting the Occupied France Trolley Adventure with small action skits and skirmishes along our 3 miles of trolley track.  This is an opportunity for reenactors to immerse the public into history by putting them on a trolley and leading them through various period skits and battles. Wooded picturesque and sloping terrain along the Fox River offers unique and interesting landscapes for both reenactors and spectators. Also planned is a large scale field battle in the trolley museum's bone yard, a period WW2 bicycle ride along the Fox River, and a period WW2 Girls Baseball Home Front Game. Opportunities for historical camp presentations are also welcome by all WW2 impressions and periods. Please contact us if you would like your presentation added to the printed schedule. All vehicles including tracked vehicles and watercrafts are welcome to participate during the event. This year we are tentatively scheduling a school day on Friday Morning of the event. Reemactors who agree to help with the school day will be permitted to set up their camps on Thursday evening.

All vehicles including tracked vehicles and watercrafts are welcome to participate.
- A period WW2 Girls Baseball Home Front Game will once again be played on Sunday afternoon. Reenactors are encouraged to come over to watch the game and cheer on their favorite team; whether it be the Rockford Peaches, Kenosha Comets, Racine Bells, or South Bend Blue Sox.
- Opportunities for historical camp presentations are also welcome and can be presented both days of the event. Please contact us if you would like your presentation added to the printed schedule.
Camp Amenities: Flush Toilets on site. Shaded Camp sites can be reserved by early registrants on a first come first served bases.

Event Times:
- Friday, April 27: School Day Presentations, 9a-2p;
- Friday, April 27: Reenactor check-in, 4pm to 10pm.;
- Saturday, April 28: Reenactor check-in, 8 am to 9:00am;
- Sunday, April 29: Reenactor check-in, 9am to 9:50am;
- Daily morning formations and S&A check;
- Museum Opens at 10 am on Saturday and Sunday;

For those Civilian Reenactors, the "Occupied France Trolley Adventure." will once again play a prominent role during the event which will include multiple battle skirmishes under the Stearns Road bridge on the Fox River.  The Fox River Trolley Museum operates a 3 mile period trolley line along the scenic Fox River that will be utilized for Civilian and Military period skits. Click Here for Map of Trolley Line and Skit Stops .

Fox River Trolley

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Museum Directions
Event Layout
Event Details
Event Schedule

Sponsored by:
-US10th Mtn LHDG
Rockford Peaches
- 28 Jager Division
Regiment 83

- 3rd Gebirgsjaeger



All Civilian impressions are also welcome to set up living history displays, participate in the Trolley Tours and the Home Front Baseball Game on Sunday Afternoon. There will also be a special area for Military Period Vehicles to be displayed and the museum has no restrictions on types of vehicles; so tracked vehicles are welcome for the static display area and to operate on the Battlefield.

Once again we will present a period WW2 Girls Baseball Game on Sunday Afternoon.  We are inviting reenactors to come to the game in period home front attire, including soldiers in class As. Come cheer on the Peaches.


"Occupied France Trolley Tours"  Military Soldiers "Allied and Axis", European Attired Civilians, British SOE, German Reichsbahn, and other related period impressions are invited to take part in this unique Trolley Adventure and Battles designed to simulate an actual interurban rail line from Paris to Rouen, in Occupied France June 1944, just after the landings of D-Day when the French Partisans rose up to destroy rail bridges, cut telephone wires and generally disrupt the German rear lines to ease the advance of the Allies.  On Friday evening, we are planning an organizational briefing and a blocking walk through dress rehearsal..  New Scenarios are being planned!

Living History Displays, Military Camps, Period Vehicles and Demonstrations 
(On Going Saturday and Sunday)

Event Contact: Rebecca Tulloch
Map: http://foxtrolley.org/Default.aspx?pageId=1146775
Directions: The Fox River Trolley Museum is located on Illinois Route 31, three blocks south of State Street in South Elgin, IL. at Fox River Trolley Museum, 365 South LaFox Street (Illinois Route 31),South Elgin, IL 60177
- From Chicago and the east: Take the Northwest Tollway (I-90) or US Route 20 west to Elgin. - - Exit on Illinois 31 southbound and follow posted detour at Spring Street (South Elgin).
- From the west and northwest: Take the Northwest Tollway (I-90) or US Route 20 east to Elgin. Exit on Illinois 31 southbound and follow posted detour at Spring Street (South Elgin).
- From the south: Take Illinois Route 59 north to Illinois Route 64. Turn west on 64 to Illinois Route 31 in St Charles. Take 31 north to the museum.
Authenticity Notes: HRS safety and authenticity rules apply.
Invited Vehicles/Items:  All WWII vehicles including tracked vehicles are welcome, weather conditions permitting; tracked vehicles may be limited to the gravel road and battle field.  Smaller vehicles such as Jeeps, Motorcycles, Kubels & Lightweight Trucks may drive on the grassy areas. A static vehicle honor display area has been established for all attending vehicles. Boats and other period water crafts such rafts are also welcome on the Fox River, but should contact us first prior to bringing out. River depth is only 2-3 feet in the vicinity of the museum.
Restrictions on Minors: HRS Rules
Other restrictions: No alcoholic beverages permitted in the Museum and County Park. No digging, but camp fires are allowed in above pits and military stoves and grills. No firing of weapons in the encampment area in County Park by Forest Preserve Ordinance; but okay in the designated battlefield areas on museum property.
Motels: Accommodations available in nearby Elgin and St. Charles Illinois: Hampton Inn, the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites and West Dundee's Marriott International-Courtyard & Towne Place Suites; and in St. Charles: Best Western, Country Inn & Suites, Fairfield Inn & Suites, Geneva Motel, Hampton Inn & Suites, Hilton Garden Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Hotel Baker, Pheasant Run Resort, and Super 8.
There are eating establishments with in a very easy walk of the museum ranging in variety from hot dogs to pizza.

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