League Membership

Hop on the train Ladies. Were pulling out of the station and recruiting new members for a League of Our Own, the WWII Girls Baseball Living History League. New members are invited to attend any or our events where you can be a Peach for the Day, or Belle, Comet, or Blue Sox; and play some ball us. Visit our Rookies page for more details on what you should wear because we are a vintage women's 12" softball league.

What we do!
We play 12" softball in reproduction All-American Girls Baseball League uniforms, similiar in style to the uniforms worn in the 1992 film, A League of Their Own; except ours are near replicas of the originals worn the the All-Americans in 1943. We are an official living history league authorized to bring the history of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League to life by the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League Players Association. 

League General Requirements:
Willing to play 12" underhand windmill pitch soft ball in the Midwest though out the summer season; Willing to purchase an official Girls Baseball uniform from our approved supplier; Have some Softball playing experience and are up the challenge of physically up to running around a ball field for a couple hours; Willing to share your knowledge about WWII Girls Baseball with the public cheerfully. Non playing members are also welcome and may offer a variety of period correct impressions to support our vintage ball games.

Membership and Eligibility
Membership shall be open to all adult individuals interested in supporting WGBLHL's mission and purpose. Members must meet the following criteria:

  1. A minimum of 18 years of age;

  2. Minors aged 16-17, if a parent or legal guardian is an active member of the league and is present during all games and league events when said minor participates. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in said minor's ability to participate in that day's game or activity. A parent or legal guardian does not need to be a player, but may also portray a team chaperon, umpire, coach, league fan or other period appropriate impression; however, must be on site during the event.

  3. Players are expected to purchase a uniform from the league approved supplier within a year and be willing to adhere to rules of dress and professional conduct;

  4. Some softball playing experience is strongly suggested for ball players; for your safety and the safety of your teammates and the fans. Rookies and Players who are observed lacking basic softball skills and knowledge may be asked to be coached individually until their skill level has come up to a fundamental skill level to enable them to play safely on the field during games and appearances. Fundamental skill level shall primarily be determined by a team's coaching staff and GM; and if necessary, by the League Head Office.

Registration Instructions: Download and complete both the Registration Form and the Insurance Waiver. These forms must be completed and submitted prior to game play.


Mail with your membership Fees to:
WWII Girls Baseball Living History League
P.O. Box 184, Wayne, Illinois 60184

Membership Fees

Annual individual membership fee for the 2020 season is $35 per player.

Other League Impressions such as League Umpires, Press Corps Impressions, Game Play by Play Announcers, etc, who are not a particular member of a team are not required to pay an annual membership fee.

$35.00 should be made payable to the "WWII GIRLS BASEBALL LIVING HISTORY LEAGUE".

Family Membership is $35.00 plus $20.00 for each additional family member who is a player in the same household.

The league fees are used to purchase league insurance, field rentals, league equipment such as bases, balls, bats, etc., and other miscellaneous expenses such a administrative costs.

Email our League Recruiter For additional information on joining the League.