The words of this song were provided to Rebecca Tulloch by Ms. Mary Pratt in December 2010.  Ms. Pratt played ball for the Rockford Peaches from 1943-1944, and then again in 1946 and 1947.  For more information regarding Ms. Pratt's League Stats, please visit her stats page on the AAGPBL web site at Mary Pratt's Stats. Ms. Pratt is active with the AAGPBL Players Association attending their reunions annually. Ms. Pratt wrote that the song does have more words, but this is what she remembers. Lyrics sung to Macnamara's Band.


Rockford Peaches Song
(As remembered by Mary Pratt, 2010)

Verse 1:
Oh, we hail from Rockford, Illinois.
It's just across the line.
We're not too old.
We're not too young.
In fact, we're in our prime.

Oh, we hit the ball with might and main.
In fielding we are fast.
We are the Rockford ball club.
We always dress in class.

Oh, yes we are.
Oh, yes we are.
The Rockford baseball team.
Oh, yes we are.
Oh, yes we are.
The Rockford baseball team.

Verse 2:
Oh, we never kick the gang around.
We're always on our toes.
Not only in the ball park,
but when we're with our beaux.
Oh, we're all in bed by 10 O'clock.
That is a dirty lie.
We are the Rockford ball club,
Our motto, "do or die".

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3:
Oh, our chaperone her name is Timm.
She takes good care of us,
She waits on us in every way,
and never makes a fuss.
She always has a pleasant smile.
A way that's hard to beat.
She is a perfect pal to us,
No better could we meet.

(Repeat Chorus)