"Policies and Protocols"

League Council Policies and Protocols as ratified and directed by the League Council for the management of league play, activities, and appearances.

  1. Rules of Play - Amendments and Interpretations

    1. Base Stealing – During the 2012 Season, there shall be no base stealing; however, a 2 1/2 step lead off is allowed. (LCP18MAR12.01)

    2. Game Length: 9 Innings or 2 hours. If the two hour time limit is approached; complete the inning being played at 10 minutes prior to 2 hours to ensure bottom of the inning is complete if the home team needs to bat. (LCP18MAR12.02)

    3. Mercy Rule: A team may score up to 6 runs per inning. (LCP18MAR12.03)

  2. Safety Equipment

    1. Batting Helmets – Batting Helmets shall be required of all our players when batting. Helmet style should be simple and basic, should match uniform hat color or black, and should be devoid of any obvious modern markings and labels. (LCP18MAR12.04)

    2. Catcher Gear – Catchers must wear full protective gear including the following: mask, chest protection, knee and shin guards, and helmet.  All items should look plain and as close to the appearance of the original gear as reasonably possible. (LCP18MAR12.05)

  3. Game Protocols and Responsibilities

    1. Game Protocol

      1. The Field must be available for team warm ups at least 30 minutes prior to Game time. (LCP18MAR12.06)

      2. Pre-Game Ceremony: Begins 10 minutes before Game time with players lining up in the “V” Victory Formation for Singing of League Victory Song and then the National Anthem; conclude with Ceremonial first Pitch. (LCP18MAR12.07)

      3. Audience Participation during game: Brief period correct optional audience participation activities or games, not to exceed 5 minutes, may be led by the home team in between the second and third inning, and the fifth and sixth inning; All Sing “Take me out to the Ball Game” during the seventh inning stretch. (LCP18MAR12.08)

      4. Post Game: Both teams line up and shake hands. (LCP18MAR12.09)

    2. Home Team Responsibilities

      1. Provide to all members of the League Council for dissemination to the all league players at least one week prior to the game, a detailed game day information sheet with all appropriate information regarding the venue address and or map, game time, parking information, entry procedures, etc.. (LCP18MAR12.10)

      2. The Home Team General Manager must notify the other Team General Managers and umpires no later than 3 hours prior to game time if the game is to be cancelled on account of weather or other field related issues rendering the field unusable. (LCP18MAR12.11)

      3. Provide a properly set up softball field according to league rules and dimensions with bases and pitching rubber.  Provide for the Safety of the Public. (LCP18MAR12.12)

      4. Provide Game Balls: Must be white with Red or White Laces; 12” Leather Softball are historically accurate, but difficult to obtain in white; synthetic fast pitch softballs may substitute. (LCP18MAR12.13)

      5. Provide for a visual Scoring of the game with scoreboard of some kind that enables both the players and audience to track innings and score. (LCP18MAR12.14)

    3. Umpires and Game Officiating

      1. When possible, two umpires should officiate each league game; a home plate umpire and a field official. (LCP18MAR12.15)

      2. The Umpire decides with the Team Field Managers any alterations of the game rules prior to game time in order to accommodate game irregularities such as unique field conditions, players shortages, or other unusual unforeseen conditions or circumstances requiring accommodations in order to proceed with a safe and fair regulation game. (LCP18MAR12.16)

      3. Home plate Umpires must provide their own home plate brush and scoring clicker. (LCP18MAR12.17)

      4. Home plate Umpires must wear the following period safety equipment: Face Mask and Chest Cushion. (LCP18MAR12.18)

      5. Officials Uniforms: Black Pants, White Dress Shirt, Black Bow Tie, and Black Wool Umpires Hat. A period Black Jacket is optional. (LCP18MAR12.19)

    4. Team Field Managers

      1. Team Field Managers must provide a line up to the Umpire at least 10 minutes before game time. (LCP18MAR12.20)