Batting Practice, Rockford Peach 1945


We welcome new players to try out with us at any of our practices. Please just phone or email ahead of time to let us know you would like to try out and we'll invite you to one or our practices.  The try out is very easy; just come on out and be ready to have some fun. Once you decide that you would like to be a part of a team and you have paid your annual membership dues, you will become one our Rookies. Rookie status allows you time to order you uniform.  Once you have your uniform you will be a full member with our league.

Newly ordered uniforms can take up to 8 - 12 weeks for delivery because each uniform is custom made, but that is no reason to think that a team member must sit on the bench waiting for the Wells Fargo Wagon to be coming down the street.  Temporary Spring Training and Rookie Attire can easily be assembled and approved for wear at exhibitions and games during the 8-12 week period it takes for your uniform to be completed.

Options may include: a pair of denim bib overalls, a white plain t-shirt, black athletic shoes, and a plain wool or cotton baseball cap (Team Uniform Cap Best).  Other suggestions include combinations of various period uniform parts as pictured in the the following images portrayed in the film, "A League of Their Own" during their League Try Out Scenes at Chicago's Wrigley Field.

Email us if you are new and would like to join us for a practice.