Binie Baker, South Bend Blue Sox 1945

Ball Players are always looking to improve their skills and techniques.  Practice! Practice! Practice!



  On Line Training Videos

Throwing and Catching
How to Throw a Softball
How to Catch a Fly Ball
How to Relay Throw a Fly Ball
How to go back on a Fly Ball
How to Field a Softball
How to Play Infield
Fundamentals of Outfield Ground Balls
Catch: Do or Die

Base Running

Run: Through1st Base
Run: Rounding Bases
Run: Good Lead
Run: Piston Arms
How to Base Run In Softball

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How to Hit a Softball
How to Hit a Softball part 2
The Difference- Baseball & Softball Hitting
Softball Hitting Drills
Hit: Outside Pitch
How to Hit in Situations


Basic Pitching Skills
Pitching Mechanics
How to Pitch Underhand
How to Pitch a Softball Advanced