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The League's Official Uniform Supplier is K & P Weaver LLC.  We have chosen this supplier because they are the only supplier of Official All-American Girls Professional Baseball League Uniforms recognized by the AAGPBL Players Association as their official Uniform Supplier. 

K & P Uniforms are well researched and are very authentic in fabrics and construction. Historical authenticity is one of the league's central missions and thus we can accept no substitutions.

When Purchasing your uniform for play in the league, please follow the following guidelines:

- Purchase the Away Version of the Team Uniform you have been accepted to. There were only four teams in 1943, so you will be assigned to one of the following teams: Kenosha Comets, Racine Belles, Rockford Peaches, or South Bend Blue Sox.

- We only portray 1943, so please purchase the 1943 version of the team's uniform.  Some teams have modified their uniform in later years like the Rockford Peaches.  K & P are familiar with our league and will be able to help you with the proper selection.

- K & P offers a special Uniform and Glove package price for our members, so please mention your purchase is for the WWII Girls Baseball Living History League to get the special price package.

- Baseball Glove: Select one that was available before 1946. The optimal glove is the US Military Leather Baseball Glove used by soldiers during WW2. Other possible suggestions are the 1930 Dazzy Vance Glove or 1929 Babe Ruth, The 1919 Glove is also acceptable even though a much earlier glove, but certainly would have been available in 1943.  Many vintage gloves can simply be purchased from Ebay sellers at a reasonable price. K&P Weaver also sells new reproduction gloves which are approve for use in our league also. Some Vintage Glove
deals can be found on the following web site: http://justteamsports.info/vintage-wilson/ .

WW2 1940 US Army Baseball Glove

- All uniforms are custom made to your measurements and there for take 8 - 12 weeks for delivery. You are still able to play in a period "Spring Training Uniform" at all our events until your uniform is completed. Click here  to see Rookie Uniform Options.

- The league has not yet been able to identify a supplier for affordable reproduction 1943 baseball cleated baseball shoes. Below are two photos showing original shoes on display at the Rockford Midway Village Museum's Rockford Peaches Exhibit. It is possible to get the genuine period shoes if you are a lucky bidder with E-Bay; so keep an eye out.
If you plan to wear modern baseball cleats; please make sure they are plain and black with a classic styling; as close as possible to the above original shoes. We just ask that you do your best with the shoes.  Try to avoid modern markings that call attention to your shoes that they are not of the 1940s. 

If you plan to just wear regular athletic shoes, particularly off the field at events where cleated shoes may not be appropriate,  the following shoes have been identified as passable shoes. Reebok's Princess Classic sport shoe, available from many stores and on line suppliers.  Use a black cloth tape to then blacken out the brand logos. Again, these shoes are one possibility, there may be other brands and styles that may also be passable.  Just do your best to pick shoes that look as much as possible as the originals pictured above.
Reebok Princess Shoe - Black  / Modified Reebok Shoes

- Although not required, some may prefer to use their own bat so that it is of a weight and length of their choosing.  If you choose to purchase a bat for league play, it must be a wooden bat devoid of modern markings and logos.  There are several vintage bat suppliers out there, some of which are listed on the Vintage Base Ball Association's website vendor page, however, one that we are familiar with and approved by the league is Bulldog Bats.  When contacting them, mention the bat is for WWII Girls 12" baseball league play, and they will be able to direct you to a period correct bat.

D20 - As the 20th century progressed, bats grew lighter, and handles became thinner. Based on a 30s era DiMaggio type model, it features a 2.475" barrel, and a 1.1" handle. Meets 19th century specifications. 34"/32oz.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us before you purchase.  We want to make sure you purchase the correct uniform and equipment.