Wet Plate Photography and the American Civil War

Rebecca Tulloch presents Wet Plate Photography and the American Civil War; a presentation on the history and use of wet plate photography during the Civil War. The audience will learn about the history of the birth of photography, famous 19th century photographers such as Louis Daguerre and Matthew Brady; a description of the wet plate photographic process, and a demonstration of a wet plate 1850s box camera.

This program is appropriate for both Adults and Younger Audiences (grade 4 and up). Audience participation is encouraged and includes dressing up participants in period clothing to sit for a Civil War Style period Photograph.
Program Length can be customized to accommodate varying class lengths from 25 - 55 minutes depending on the audience and venue.


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Louisa May Alcott & Civil War Nursing

Author of the classic children's story, "Little Women",and a Civil War Hospital Nurse.  Louisa May Alcott was just one of 5000 women who served our country in Union Army hospitals during the 4 years of the Civil War.  This presentation examines the role women played in hospitals and medical units for the Union Amy during the Civil War. Why did they go?  What were their responsibilities?  What type of conditions did they work in?  These are just a few of the questions this presentation explores.


Letters of the Civil War

Through letters from the front line of the American Civil War, experience the feelings the families of Civil War soldiers felt when news from their loved ones arrived home, or the soldiers in the trenches fearing that day's battle and pausing for a moment to read a letter from his wife and sweet heart.

In observance of the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War, Prairie Star Productions rolls out "Letters of the Civil War", a 60 minute audio video performance with period attired Civil War Actors dramatically interpreting over 30 original letters from the war accompanied by music, period photographs, and historical reenactment video footage.

Maria Westin Chapman; New England Abolitionist

Noted Abolitionist Maria Westin Chapman spoke out against Slavery and founded one of most important Female Anti-Slavery Societies in the United States, "The Boston Female Anti-Slavery Society". Listen to Mrs. Chapman, portrayed by Rebecca Tulloch, as she preaches her message of Abolition and the work of the Female Anti-Slavery Societies of New England prior to the American Civil War. (COMING SOON)


Spinning Wheel Demonstrations

Looking for something different at your next conference of historical event.  How about a Spinning Wheel Demonstration?

This interactive hands on demonstration for children and adults will explore the origins of fiber spinning for use in clothing, explain the techniques of spinning fiber, and demonstrate the production of yard on the wool spinning wheel.

Spirits and Sťances

Victorian Spiritualism was fueled by over 600,000 dead Civil War soldiers leaving their loved ones behind who were searching for comfort from the beyond. Rebecca Tulloch traces through discussion and demonstration the origins of the American Spiritualism movement through the story of Maggie Fox and her sisters; learn how mediums talked to the spirits; see photos of ghosts taken by spirit photographers; and those that set out to discredit them as charlatans. Participate in a friendly sťance in which ghosts from beyond some times make their presence known to the audience.

Fun for the Halloween season and enjoyable for all ages over 10 years old.!


Press Here for Video of Mortar Firing!!

Civil War Coehorn Mortar
Demonstration Firings!
The Civil War Coehorn Mortar was an essential piece of mobile artillery used by the Civil War infantryman at sieges such as the Battle of Petersburg.  The mortar is available for live fire demonstrations and presentations for historical events, concerts, firework displays, and special occasions.