Rebecca Sutera Tulloch

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  Talented Freelance Film Maker with diversified production experience shooting Independent Films, Industrials, and Events. Executive Producer and owner of Prairie Star Productions, a freelance video production house located in Chicago’s Western Suburbs.

•        Producer, Director, and Director of Photography for all projects produced for Prairie Star Productions since
         the company’s founding in mid 2002.
•        Director of Photography and Camera operator for various Independent film projects.
•        Experienced freelance camera operator shooting weddings and special events for “Chicago Video Works”
         (Event Production House located in Northbrook, Illinois),  Since February, 2003

Equipment Owned
        Cameras: Panasonic DVX100 24p DV Camera and Bell and Howell Filmo 16mm Film Camera.
Camera Accessories: Bogen tripod & head, Matt Box, Studio Dolly, and  Track Dolly system.
        Sound Package: Panasonic Shotgun mike and Samson UHF Micro 32 Wireless mike System.
        Lights: (2) ARRI PRoduction Lights (1) Frezzi on board dimmer lamp, (1) 500W Smith open face Tungsten
       globe, & various smaller tungsten and florescent  bulbs.

Camera Operator Experience
•        DV - Panasonic DVX100 24p and Canon XL1
•        FILM - Super 16: AATON XTR PROD, Super 16: AATON A-Minima, 16mm Bell & Howell Filmo

Film Credits
•       Director/Director of Photography/Editor

         "Let’s Dance", Produced by Friendship Village if Schaumburg, 2010
          Dir- Rebecca Sutera Tulloch – Short Film (Camera: Panasonic DVX100 24P)

      Director/Director of Photography/Editor
         "An Afternoon with the Lincolns", Produced by Prairie Star, 2008
         Dir- Rebecca Sutera Tulloch - Documentary Feature (Camera: Panasonic DVX100 24P)

      Director/Producer/Director of Photography/Editor

         "This Old Cabin", Produced by Prairie Star, 2007
         Dir- Rebecca Sutera Tulloch - Short (Camera: Panasonic DVX100 24P)

Director/Producer/Director of Photography/Editor
         "Prairie Tone News Reels", Produced by Prairie Star, 2007
         Dir- Rebecca Sutera Tulloch - Series of Shorts
         (Camera: Bell & Howell 16mm Motion Picture Camera)

      Camera/Assistant Director - "Love and Valor", Produced by Charles Larimer, 2006
Dir- Charles Larimer, D.P - Juan Lopez & Charles Zehner - Feature (Camera: Panasonic DVX100 24P)
•       Director/Director of Photography/Producer - "Prairie Rose", Produced by Prairie Star, 2004/2005
          Dir- Rebecca Sutera - Feature (Camera: Panasonic DVX100 24P)
Director of Photography & Director  - "The Medic", Produced by Prairie Star, 2004
          Dir - Rebecca Sutera - Short (Camera: Panasonic DVX100 24P)   
Camera Operator – “Rain Today”, Produce by Kelly Halihan & Carl Paoli, 2004
          Dir – Carl Paoli, D.P. – Pete Biagi: DV – Short (Camera: Panasonic DVX100 24p)
2nd Assistant Camera – “The 5:22”, Produced by Sam Sanders & Claire Connely, 2003
          Dir – B. Demisay, D.P. – P. Biagi; Super 16mm – Short (AATON XTR PROD, AATON A-Minima)
Director of Photography/Camera – “The Haunted Barn .5”, Chicago Film Festival entry, 2003
          Dir – Renee Baltsen; DV – Short (Camera: Panasonic DVX100)
1st Camera Assistant & 1st Assistant Director – “Who Needs Music”, Produced/Floyd Webb, 2003
          Dir – Stephanie Gadlin; DV – Short (Camera: Panasonic DVX100)

Digital Editor         Pinnacle Liquid Edition 5.5, Avid DV Express & Premier Pro 6.5.

Additional Production Experience:
•        Screenplay, “Prairie Rose”, Illinois Film Office 2004 Screenwriters Competition Entry.
•        Producer/Director – "Yesterday Today" for Channel 17 West Chicago, 2008-2009
•        Casting manager – "When Weather Changed History" The Weather Channel/Towers Productions, 2008
•        Script Supervisor – “Rock the House” MTV Networks/VH1 & Immortal Entertainment, 2002

Independent Film Script Supervisor
•        “Beyond the Soul”, Goldenwings Cinema, Dir-R. Anchal; D.P.-K. Gruchala; 35 mm – Feature, 2002
•        “Slave”, Waitergonbad Productions, 2002Dir –N. Olken; D.P.-P. Biagi; DV – Feature, 2002
•        “What Are You Having?”, Jonna Walsh/Janie Goldstein, Dir-B. Meyer; 35mm –Short, 2002
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