Prairie Rose
A Civil War Journey
A new film by Film Maker Rebecca Sutera Tulloch, tells the fictional historical drama of a young woman's adventure to rescue her husband from a Civil War Union POW camp in Chicago in the fall of 1862.  Through Cath, a nurse and spy from the camp, Sarah Rose receives a message at home on her farm in rural Kentucky from her dying husband, Will.  With Cath's tenacity and brash personality, the generally shy and reserve Sarah sets off with her new companion on a journey across Kentucky and Illinois determined to rescue her newlywed husband from an inevitable death from camp sickness and his battle wounds received at the battle of Shiloh.  The difficulty of their journey is complicated by two Pinkerton agents, Agents Winslow and Peterson, hired by the camp commander to hunt down and capture Confederate spies.

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        Elisa Ford
Kaeleen Taylor
Jason Louis Kladiva

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