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Program Lengths can be customized to accommodate varying time frames from 20 - 55 minutes depending on the audience and venue.

NEWEST Program:

Peaches and Baseball   "There's No Crying in Baseball"
The 1992 film, A League of Their Own, introduced modern America to the Women of the Greatest Generation who played professional baseball to keep up the morale on the American Home Front during WW2. The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League was so successful that it continued for nearly a decade after the war ended. Who were the real women who joined the league that inspired the film? Join Rebecca Tulloch, a modern Rockford Peach and manager of the "League of Our Own" vintage softball team, as she traces the truth and fiction about the film, A League of their Own.

New York Times Article, Sept 2, 2017

Kendal County Record 2018

Aurora Beacon 2018

 League Web Page
A League of Our Own Vintage Softball League




Most Popular Programs:

Wet Plate Photography and the American Civil War
A presentation on the history and use of wet plate photography during the Civil War. The audience will learn about the history of the birth of photography, famous 19th century photographers such as Louis Daguerre and Matthew Brady; a description of the wet plate photographic process, and a demonstration of a wet plate 1850s box camera.

This program is appropriate for both Adults and Younger Audiences (grade 4 and up). Audience participation is encouraged and includes dressing up participants in period clothing to sit for a Civil War Style period Photograph. Participants Photo Gallery

The "Fly Girls" of WW2, The WASPs

Over 1100 women served their country during World War II as a member of the Women Airforce Service Pilots, WASP, flying every military aircraft flown by the American Forces from the PT-17 Stearman to the P51 Mustang and B-17 Flying Fortress.  Air ferry missions, target practice for artillery crews, and aircraft maintenance shakedown flights are just a few of the types of missions flown by these American Heroines.  Join Rebecca Sutera Tulloch, a certified FAA pilot, as she tells the story of the WASP as only a pilot can.

Louisa May Alcott & Civil War Nursing
Author of the classic children's story, "Little Women", and many others; Louisa May Alcott also served as one of 5000 women who worked in the Union Army hospitals during the Civil War. This presentation examines why Louisa May Alcott and many others left their homes to serve their country in hospitals and medical units for the Union Amy. Why did they go?  What were their responsibilities? What type of conditions did they work in?  These are just a few of the questions this presentation explores.

Spinning Wheel Demonstrations
Looking for something different at your next conference of historical event.  How about a Spinning Wheel Demonstration? 
This interactive hands on demonstration for children and adults will explore the origins of fiber spinning for use in clothing, explain the techniques of spinning fiber, and demonstrate the production of yard on the wool spinning wheel.

Abigail Adams and the American Revolution
The American Colonists have signed the Declaration of Independence; it is July of 1776; General George Washington has only just liberated the city of Boston from the British; and Abigail Adams prepares to inoculate herself and her children from the dreaded Small Pox. This presentation examines Abigail Adams' experiences living in and around Boston prior to and during the early years of the American Revolution. Eyewitness to the birth of the American Revolution, John Adam's Dearest Friend, Wife, Mother, and American Patriot.

This program was originally tailored for younger audiences, grades 3 - 8; however, Rebecca also now presents an Adult version as well. Student participation is encouraged and includes dressing students up in colonial era clothing.
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Eleanor of Aquitaine

American Revolution
Abigail Adams
Molly Pitcher and the Artillery

Civil War
Wet Plate Photography
Louisa May Alcott & Civil War Nursing

The "Fly Girls" of WW2, The WASPs
Peaches and Baseball, There's No Crying in Baseball (New for 2018)

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Spirits and S�ances

Civil War Coehorn Mortar Firings
Pioneer Spinning Wheel Demos
WW2 Rockford Peaches Baseball Game

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Letters of the Civil War
War Letters
In the Shadow of Mt. Rushmore

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