Event Details

RAILS TO VICTORY, a WWII Living History Reenactment and Encampment, is once again being hosted by the Fox River Trolley Museum and the WWII Historical Re-enacting Society. "Papers Please!"

Ride the WWII Trolley Adventure into History, an hour long theatrical experience where by passengers are transported back into time when America was at war with our Allies to defeat the tyranny of the Axis Powers.

From the trolley, passengers will be able to expericne scenes from the war years depicting battles, resistance insurgencies, civilian homefront activities and much more. On board the trolleys, all passengers will need to have their papers (provided with your ticket) inspected by our period German Police and Reichsbahn (German Railway) conductors. These performances are family friendly; however, not recommended for very young children who may be upset by loud noises, theatrical gun fire, and battle scenes. 

There will be three trolley battle performances during the weekend; two on Saturday and one on Sunday. Please order your tickets early from the museum in order to secure your place on board the WWII Trolley Adventure.

Before and after your ride, feel free to walk to the military encampment and talk to the soldiers and period civilians, one on one, learning about the equipment, vehicles and weapons used in the war.

School Field Trip Day

On Friday April 22nd, local middle school students are invited to attend a special field trip day of learning where by several of our reenactors will present a series of 10-15 minute talks through our encampment ranging in topics from American, British, and Russian Allied soldiers to German Axis soldiers; a medical demo, women's roles in the military and the activies of civilians on the homefront. The museum also includes an educational ride on a trolley explaning the role that the railroads played during the war here on in the Chicago area. Contact us for more information if you are a teacher or school administrator and would like to attend this special school day.

WWII Re-Enactors

WW2 Reenactors belonging to the Historical Reenactment Society (HRS), Tactical Studies Group/Living History Reenactment Association (LHRA), the WWII Girls Baseball Living History League, or other approved and recognized WW2 reenacting groups are invited to participate in this event by registering  for the event on our reenactor registration page. Reenactor Registration Details