Construction Road DETOUR Details


Throughout the spring and summer of 2024, IDOT will be performing major construction on Route 31 (South La Fox Street) in South Elgin. Because of the construction, we will only be accessible from the south on Route 31. See the map for how best to access us. The portion of Route 31 just north of our museum up to Plum Street will be closed entirely, while the rest of Route 31 between McLean Boulevard and Spring Street will be open to local traffic only. There will be some partial barricades saying 'Local Traffic Only', but most of them have a sign for Fox River Trolley Museum. NOTE: Parking at Blackhawk will NOT be available during Rails to Victory. All visitors at Rails to Victory must park at the main museum location. From the north From the north, you must take a detour to bypass the work zone: take Spring Street west to McLean Boulevard, turn left, then take McLean Boulevard south to Route 31. Turn left. Finally, take Route 31 (still open to local traffic) east towards our museum. You can either park at the Jon Duerr Forest Preserve (Blackhawk) or continue along Route 31 to the main museum location. From the south From the south, our museum can still be accessed as normal via Route 31, since it will still be open to local traffic up to our museum entrance. The road closure will be maybe a few hundred feet north of the driveway.