Historical Reenactor Details

A Timeline thru WWII
All Impressions Welcome!

Reenactors of all WWII impressions are invited to join us to present the story of World War II, from the battles to the home front; soldiers and civilians.

In 2022, we return to our roots by welcoming reenactors to a time line style event where by units and groups are encouraged to present history through displays and interactive skits. Our event will feature battles, skits, and demonstrations along the three mile trolley ride through the Fox River Valley.

Similar to more recent years, we are limiting the trolley excursions to just two runs on Saturday and one on Sunday. We hope to strike an enjoyable balance between time interacting with the public in camp and the excitement of the battles and skits along the rails.

Rails to Victory's unique Trolley Train Adventure enables patrons to immerse themselves in WW2. Our reenactors are able to interact with patrons in first person on board the trolleys and in view of the trolley audiences.

Over the years, Rails to Victory has received numerous compliments from patrons commenting on how they just love the 1st person interactions and memories. With your participation, we hope to create even more.

Opportunity for Showcasing your Unit!

This year we invite outgoing units to adopt a Trolley Stop and develop a short 3-5 minute skirmish, demo, skit, or other historical offering that highlights the history of your unit and the war. Think of it as Rockford Event Style Town and Woods skirmishes and skits, except the audience comes to you by trolley. Home Front and Civilians are also encouraged to jump in on this as well such as; medical demos and WAC displays, to Land Girls and USO presentations.

School Day

We are offering our second school day this year on Friday the 22nd; all impressions are invited to share their love of WW2 history with our local young people. All units volunteering to help with the school day, shall be welcome to set up their camps on Thursday April 21st, a full day before general encampment set up on the 22nd. Please contact our School Day Coordinator by March 31st to volunteer.