Historical Reenactor Details

A WWII Showcase!

Reenactors of all WWII impressions are invited to join us for the 14th annual “Rails to Victory” WWII Reenactment at the Fox River Trolley Museum in the Village of South Elgin.

In 2024, we plan to once again showcase participating WW2 units in a pre-ride docent led tour through the military encampment. This was very popular with both our audience and reenactors at last years event. Tour units who volunteer to showcase their unit during the camp tour, shall prepare and present a short 5-7 minute history talk, demo, or skit about the history of their unit. The presentation format is up to the unit to decide. For units who are more daring, we are also offering trolley stops along our trolley route where by the trolley will stop to view your unit present a short WW2 skit, tableau, and/ or skirmish designed to immerse our passengers in history. The annual bridge battle will also take place during the Trolley adventure twice a day. There are a limited number of Camp Tour presentation slots and Trolley Adventure stops which shall be assigned as units register. Early registration is recommended to secure your trolley stop or encampment demo/talk. Please contact the Trolley Adventure Coordinator for Trolley Stops or the Camp Tour Coordinator for a Camp Tour stop. Period Civilians who wish to ride on the trolleys with our Trolley Adventure passengers, please contact our Civilian Coordinator.

On Saturday evening, there will be a Rockford Peaches/Reeanctors 12" Softball Game that all are invited to attend as period fans; such as soldiers home on leave and civilians on the Home Front; or play in; so bring your period ball glove to join in on the fun. After the game, we are planning a yet to be announced activity in the camp such as the showing of a WW2 movie or other entertainment.

Rails to Victory's goal is to immerse our patrons in WW2 during the Trolley Adventure rides along the museum's beautiful three mile trolley route along the Fox River, during which reenactors are able to interact with patrons in first person on board the trolleys and in view of the trolley audiences from several skit locations along the trolley route.

Over the years, Rails to Victory has received numerous compliments from patrons commenting on how they just love the 1st person interactions and memories. With your participation, we hope to create even more.

Opportunity for Showcasing your Unit!

We invite outgoing units to adopt a Trolley Stop and develop a short 3-5 minute skirmish, demo, skit, or other historical offering that highlights the history of your unit and the war. Units can partner up with other units should they wish to when adopting a Trolley Stop. Think of it as a Rockford Event Style Town Skirmish or Woods Battle; except the audience comes to you by trolley. Home Front and Civilians are also encouraged to jump in on this as well such as; medical demos and WAC displays, to Land Girls and USO presentations.

Trolley Adventure Stops & Camp Talks Registration

To reserve a Trolley Stop, or Sign up for the Encampment Tour please email our Trolley Adventure Coordinator and/or Camp Tour Coordinator.