Meet the Presidents!

In the Shadow of Mount Rushmore


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hear how our nation's Presidents would have handled the trials and crisis of the country if they had lived in another era, or perhaps even in our own time?   Now is your Chance!


This opportunity to speak with some of our nations founding fathers and great leaders in this most unique way is presented by Prairie Star Productions in  partnership with Don't Know Much About History.

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, & Abraham Lincoln
together in the same room in a Town Hall style open meeting to discuss some of the questions of the day and provide a forum in which
YOU, the American citizen, may ask any question you like of these men to assist in understanding how our nation came to be today.

Mrs. Abigail Adams, wife to our second president, Mr. John Adams, acts as moderator for the group, just so that things don't get out of hand--as things could, when you have such men of powerful opinion and vision in the same room.  After opening statements and a question or two from Mrs. Adams, the audience is encouraged to step up to the microphone and ask any of the Presidents questions of your deepest interest.
This 90 minute long program covers topics from national security, to why was the "Teddy Bear" named after our 26th President.  Almost any question is open for discussion.  It is a suitable program for Veterans Groups, Libraries, Round Tables, Museums and Historical Societies, High School History programs and much more.  It has been performed at such venues, and also at the Chicago History Museum for President's Day, 2009. 

We encourage you to inquire into our program, and allow us to bring this exciting form of open historical discussion to your organization. 

For further information, please contact us by calling

Ms. Rebecca Tulloch at 630-707-8846 at Prairie Star Productions

Mr. Phil Lauricella at 630.377.0698 at Don't Know Much About History

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