League Uniforms and Period Attire

We are a vintage softball league portraying ball play during the 1940s. We strive to appear in period correct unifroms and clothing at all our events. Our uniforms are custom made to resemble as closely as possible the original uniforms worn by the women ball players of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League during WWII.

It is not possible to purcahse an off the rack uniform as there are no suppliers making and selling authentic uniforms that we are aware of.  The ones sold on-line from various costume vendors are not approved for play within our league. Once a uniform is ordered with our league seamstress, there is a wait time of 8 - 12 weeks depending on the availability of fabrics and patches.  All are patches are also custom made exclusively for our league.  Each uniform cost approximately $300 to be completely kitted out hat to shoes.

While your uniform may take some time to assemble and be made, our new recruits can still play games with us in Spring Training attire.  Please review the rest of this page to see the various details and options availble to our new members.

League Uniforms

Our uniforms are well researched and are very authentic in fabrics and construction. Historical authenticity is one of the league's central missions and thus we always striving to look as period correct as possible. Occassionally, previously worn uniforms are available from past members of the league and can be purchased from our alumni members at a reduced cost. 

Spring Training Rookies' Attire

Spring Training and Rookie attire can easily be assembled and approved for wear at our events during your first year as a Rookie Members, or until the time it takes for your uniform to be completed.

There are many options; the simplest is a pair of blue jeans or bib overalls, a white plain t-shirt, black athletic shoes with no modern markings, and a plain wool or cotton basebal cap.  The team uniform cap is the best, however hobby/crafts stores sell plain caps for temporaray league use.  Other possibilites can include combinations of various period looking uniforms such as the one pictured in this scene from the movie A League of Their Own during the Wrigely Field try outs scenes.

Team Hats

The league has approved the following hats from our supplier Ebbets Field Flannels located in Seattle Washington. Ebbets does not make off the rack hats for the league, but we have identified hats that they do sell off the rack that are very close in color and style to the original hats, and with a slight modification of the team letters on the front of the cap, are approve for our players use. Below are two of Ebbets caps that have been customized for our league; a Rockford Peach cap and South Bend Blue Sox cap. 

When ordering your hat from Ebbets, please use the Ebbets hats identified below for the League Team you have selected to represent as a player. Your team letters can be sewn on by yourself, or by our league seamstress if you would prefer.

Rockford Peaches (Ebbets Flannel Hat Color Red #35)
Florida State University 1954 or University of Oklahoma 1951 Vintage Ball Caps

Kenosha Comets (Ebbets Flannel Hat Color Green #39)
Michigan State 1954 Vintage Cap

Racine Belles (Ebbets Flannel Hat Color Brown #59)
Brown University 1959 Vintage Ball Cap

South Bend Blue Sox (Ebbets Flannel Hat Color Blue #01)
Durham Bulls 1947, UCLA 1939, or Detroit Stars 1959 Vintage Ball Caps

Baseball/Softball Gloves

Select one that was available before 1946. The optimal glove is the US Military Leather Baseball Glove used by soldiers during WW2. Many vintage gloves can simply be purchased from Ebay sellers at a reasonable price and with a little glove oil and love can be restored back to playing condition.

Original Baseball Cleats

The league has not yet been able to identify a supplier for affordable reproduction 1943 cleated baseball shoes. Below are two photos showing original shoes on display at the Rockford Midway Village Museum Peaches Exhibit.

Vintage and Modern Baseball Cleats

It is possible to get genuine period shoes if you are a lucky bidder with E-Bay; so keep an eye out. The shoes below belong to one of our members and was purchased from Ebay. The league does allow for modern cleats as well providing that you have done your best to choose cleats that do not scream modern with obvious contemporary manufactuere's trade marks.  Modern markings, in many cases, can be blackened out or covered up with paint or permanent marker.  Members should strive to choose and/or conceal modern cleats to resemble originals as much as possible.


The orginal league played ball with wooden bats and thus we do as well. Our league members have several bats that we share, however if you would like to purchase your own bat for game play, that is perfectly fine. Bat for league play must be a wooden bat devoid of modern markings and logos. There are several vintage bat suppliers out there, some of which are listed on the Vintage Base Ball Association's website vendor page, however, one that we are familiar with and approved by the league is Bulldog Bats. When contacting them, mention the bat is for WWII Girls 12" softball league play, and they will be able to direct you to a period correct bat.